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Lybritz & Company CO.,Ltd


Representative Director and President Fumito ONO(Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant)
Director Ayako KINOSHITA(Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant)
Director Hideto MARUYAMA(Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant)
The establishment of a business: July, 2009
The establishment: April, 2011
※In April, 2015, it is changed a company name of by Lybritz Consulting Co., Ltd.

【Main duties contents】

  • Management consulting
    (manufacturing industry in particular and the food industry, system development business, corporate rehabilitation, management innovation of the service industry)
  • Business plan development support and validity evaluation
  • Web marketing support
  • Duties improvement, spot efficiency
  • Information system introduction support
  • The management education that utilized a business game
  • Writing
  • Marketing research

I contribute to the making of society with the definite aim
Management philosophy

Without all medium and small-sized businesses and employee working there and family abandoning both one's dream and the life,
Through the process that I open up the future through a dilemma, and performs innovation to shining existence in a market,、
This contributing to the making of society with the definite aim that can challenge a dream and an aim again and again is our idea.

Lybritz management philosophy

(the July 16, 2012 development third edition)

I make the future with management in strategic rebuilding and process

  1. Through rebuilding and process management strategic in Lybritz & Company,
    I create the vitality of the heart and the vitality of the fund to a visitor.
  2. The medium and small-sized business where Lybritz & Company fell into a dilemma and an employee working there and the family,、
    Through a dilemma, I can challenge a dream and an aim again without abandoning both one's dream and the life
    It produces revival Company 50 in five years.
  3. Lybritz & Company makes much of the collaboration with visitor, the outside partner.
    I take each other's growth and innovation into consideration and build long-term symbiosis.

Lybritz & Company stares at the taking place fact humbly on the site,
I value the expectation of the customer, the intention of the president, a heart, the thought of the spot employee and, for management problem solution, sweat all in one body.
And I share visible result.
It is the mission that we whom it offers management consulting service to imposed on ourselves.


2-5, Kandatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kisuke Kandatacho Building 3F